BREAKFREE Magazine Vol.5

Happy White Valentine!!!

24 thg 10, 2010

First words

Dear Readers,

First of all, welcome to BreakFree Online Comic Magazine.

Comics, with us human, always carry such a temptation that we just can't fight against. For so long, what people have found in comics are no longer restricted rules: boring and rigid. From the most unbelievable, most magical, most creative to the most ordinary things, you can always get them in a comic book.

And if you have been a loyal comic fan, surely for at least once in your life you must have had picked up a pen to bring your story to life, or had long nurtured one in your head, with plots and characters 100% your own. However, from loving to read to loving to draw, from loving to draw to being able to draw and from drawing to the moment that your work can reach the readers; it's a whole difficult and long process.

BreakFree, like all the other amateur online magazines, were created to form a bridge between amateur comic artists and comics lovers.

Then, how could BreakFree distinguish itself from the others?


The name itself is the objective that our team has always been trying to attain, also our biggest wish when we decided to give birth to this online comic magazine.

Just like a chick having to break off the shell as to see the sunlight, a comic artist also has to break free from those binding chains and rusted shackles of rules and conventions. So that your imagination can run wild and be let loose into the endless horizon. Only then, comic works which are filled with personality and liberality can be born. Though maybe it's not easy to draw a comics up to your expectation, for you would have to cast aside those rusted, old customs. But what reward could you get from doing so?

It's freedom and a chance to gain new experiences in life.

Do you think it's worth it?

Where would the limit for a comic artist be?

The limit, surprisingly, is "No-limit".

And here, BreakFree, a world to set you free.

Dream. As. You. Like.

BreakFree's editorial team.

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