BREAKFREE Magazine Vol.5

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13 thg 11, 2011

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Dear readers XD,

We were thinking a lot about how to make it easier for you to read BFM. At last, we have found a great website to upload it and you guys can read it online *laughs*

Well, I think most of you have heard about the website :D We've uploaded BFM to it and here is the link: or .

Hope you guys have fun and support us! *loves*

Editorial team.

13 thg 3, 2011

BreakFree Magazine vol 5

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Break Free Magazine vol 05
published at 10:30 a.m, March, 14th, 2011


Outside the Window
By Yokifox-C
Genre: shounen-ai, fantasy, romance
Rating: 13+


Ai Ribbon (chapter 1)
By Airibbon
Genre: shoujo, romance
Rating: 13+
Note: Read from right to left


Graveyard (chapter 1)
By LUFcs
Genre: shounen, fantasy
Rating: 16+


Neverender (chapter 1a)
By Cheschirecat
Genre: shounen, fantasy, adventure
Rating: 16+


Forget Me Not
By Grayalzz
Genre: shoujo, romance,
Rating: 13+