BREAKFREE Magazine Vol.5

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Drawing manga/comic contest:
Race Up

Many people say: “I love comics!”
Many say: “I love comics, I draw comics.”
And many others say nothing, but they love and draw comics in silence.

BFM is a 100% free online comic magazine, so of course, comics posted in this magazine don’t receive royalties. However, if you draw without any motivation or goal,  it probably isn’t fun or easy. The staff of the magazine themselves aslo draw comics and know this fact very well. On the other hand, BFM, as mentioned in volume 1, want to be not only a playground for people who love comics, but also a drawing arena, where amateurs can seek motivation and goals to gain so as to draw better and better works.

Therefore, Race up contest is born. A comic drawing contest through the Internet with interesting prizes! WHY NOT TRY???!

The topic of the contest:
Ther is actually no topic for the contest, just draw anything you WANT.

From 12-1-2009 to 12-20-2010.

The contest is open to all people who draw comics, regardless of nationality or gender.

- Submission must not have been previously published (including magazines both online and in print and websites). However, if only a small part of your submission was published, and the published content didn’t cover the main content, the work is accepted.
- Submission must be your our creation. If you use someone else’s materials, and they require you to give credit, you must write their names in your submission.
- All submissions belong to the author alone. You can post or publish your submission anywhere you like. However, if they are used to participate in the contest, BFM reserves the right to use them in the magazine freely.
- Each contestant can submit more than one piece. If more than one of your submission win, you will receive a prize for each.
* The author takes full responsibility for any copyright violations.

Rules for submission:
- Each submission has no limit to the number of pages, but it must be minimum of 25 pages.
- Ech submission must have a cover, black and white or color, which contains its title and the author’s name. Because this affects the layout of the submission, the judges won’t help you arrange the elements, so don’t submit a poster without the title or other content.
- Submissions can be drawn in all media and sizes. However, you are encouraged to draw in A4 size.
- You can usse traditional or digital methods, or a combination of both.
- Digital submissions must have a resolution of at least 300 DPI, 1000 pixel width.
- There are no restrictions about genre for submitiing to Race up Contest. However, you should be careful of sensitive types.
- Submissions which are discriminatory toward individuals, political positions or religions can NOT be accepted.

How to participate:
Through email only:
You can scan your piece, and then send it (edited or not) to our e-mail adress: with the following format:

Submission for Race up contest – (title of comic)

- Pen name;
- Real name;
- Nationality;
- Gender;
- Address;
- URL of your own gallery (if you have one) on websites;
- Y!M ID;
And don’t forget to attach your comic in .zip file format. Or, you can uplpad it to a file transfer site (,, etc.) and send the link in the above e-mail.

File requirements:
- Original file format (before .zip compression): JPG, PSD, MPB or TIF
- Width: 1000 pixel
- Resolution: 300 dpi

Here’s how it works:
This contest include 2 rounds:
- Round One: Submission will be judged by the staff of BFM;
- Rond Two: We will begin to mark your works from the deadline – 12 a.m, 20-12-2010.

Point system:
Content: 100 points
Designs of characters: 100 points
Arrangement: 70 points
General view: 30 points

One First prize: $300
For the submission that has the highest average points;

One Second prize: $150
For the submisson that has the second highest average points;

One Creativity prize: $150
For the submission that have the highest points in creativity;

One Reader’s Choice prize: $100
For the submission that has the most votes in the magaine’s web poll.

The Judges:
Representative of BFM Editorial Staff: Scarlet V
Reoresentative of the regular staff: Bạch Phụng
Comic artist: Nguyễn Thành Phong

If you have other questions, please send them to

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