BREAKFREE Magazine Vol.5

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24 thg 10, 2010

BreakFree Magazine vol 2


Released on 30.11.2009


~~~~~Double Happiness~~~~
Chap 1
By Poppy
Rating: 13+
Genre: traditional, romance, comedy, Shoujo, Shounen –ai, fantasy

The Hoang's family had two madarins: a boy and a girl. Both of them were very beautiful, the biggest pride of Hoang's notable. Until one day, his mandarin's son who was studying in the Western, sent his father a message that he had fallen in love with another mandarin's. To face the truth which can't be hidden away, Hoang's notable had found a different way to make a new heritor...

~~~~ Eyes~~~~
by Gensho
Rating : 15+
Genre: romance, shounen-ai, doujinshi (H.O.T)
Warning: Boys love ;)

~~~~Warior Descendant~~~~
by Bạch Phụng
Rating : 16+
Genre: action, fantasy, mecha

~~~~~ Happy fiancee~~~~

By Zyzy
Genre: romance, shoujo

~~~~ The Promise ~~~~~
Chap 1
By warm-quest
Rating: 15+
Genre: Shounen, wars/action, romance, fantasy
Warning: violence

In the new era, everyone avoids to talk about the past era which we've known as the destrustion of many living souls on the Earth's surface and the origin of extraordinary mankind - the creatures with the their forms and minds as same as human. Phương - a non-commissioned officer who serves the Mankind Union's Army or the same as the originals - which the extraordinary mankind called. He and his comrades fight as the citizen's duty to protect his country beyond the attack of extraordinary mankind with the reason: equate the human being. But their hope to glory, it seems to be erased by the power of enemies. Now, human only trust in miracle and then...that miracle appears with the name: Z6...

~~~~Happy little house~~~~
Chap 1-2-3 & extra Cuppy cake
By Great Ufo
Rating: 15+
Gerne: Romance, comedy, shounen-ai, Doujinshi ( FF7: Advent Children )
Warning: boy love, incest

Cloud Strife here is no more a warrior in collapse Midgar city. He's now living in a stillness house, lies in a calm city, work in peace but also becomes big brother of Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz with no transquility life. How could he work things out with these three naughty boys?


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