BREAKFREE Magazine Vol.5

Happy White Valentine!!!


How to submit your works to BFM?

You can scan, edit or not, then send us via our e-mail address: along with this form:

Subject: Comic - (Name of the work)
Email Content:
Pen name*
Real name
Your personal gallery (if yes) on websites such as or your own website
(* is required)
And of course, an attached zip file of your comics. You can also upload your work to a host page and send a link to the above e-mail.

Comics' file requirements:
Original file format: .JPG, .PSD, .TIF, .BMP
Width: 800 px (13 cm)
Resolution: 300 dpi

After deliberating, BFM will contact you via e-mail address to notify about publishing your work.


Benefits and Responsibilities:

- You have to be responsible for copyright, which means your work must be completely yours and in your possession.
- With works using tone, image pack, stock, blush, pattern, etc. which are shared online, if the providers request, you have to credit the providers' name. You will be entirely responsible for any violations.
- Your published works on BFM still belongs to you. You can do whatever you want after submitting.
- Unfortunately, because BFM is 100% free, we can not pay you. However, we have an account where readers can donate. If readers donate to a specific work or author, that amount belongs to you and we will make sure you receive it.


How can a comic be accepted and published on BFM?

It's very simple if your works follow these regulations:

- Your works can appear on any other websites before or after submitting. However, we do not accept works that were published on any other magazines, both online and in publications. On the other hand, after appearing on BFM, you can submit your works to any other magazine, regardless of online or in publications.
- There is no limit of page numbers. However, contents and chapters must have an ending or alternate ending.
- When submitting a long story,  you can do it as you draw along,  and you do not have to complete it.



- Regardless of one-shot or ongoing, comics/chapters must have a cover page.
- We do not accept works drawn on lined-out paper.
- Every author who has works published in 10 pages and above have 1 - 3 pages at the end of the work. This space allows you to write whatever you want (omake XD), or a poster you draw.



- We accept every genre (horror, boy love, action, etc.). In the first one or two issues, you may think BFM tends to honor manga. However, it does not mean that we refuse to publish Western comics and other.
- We do not accept stories which are against individuals, politics and religions.
- Please beware of sensitive topics.

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